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Future trend of shopping

It’s a cloudy Sunday in Kolkata, Durgapuja Festivals nearby, but my mother, age 76 needs to buy gifts for her family and the helper of our family. She is unable to go out for shopping this year because she is lying on the bed. Every year she hopped from one shop to another, buying several things for us. Some shop owners are known to my mom. When they see her they use to greet, arrange sitting chairs, and serve soft drinks to her. My mother used to spend at least Rs.10k with each shop by cash. Shopkeepers were friendly to her and displayed top quality and reasonable products to her. She had no idea about Future trend of shopping.

But unfortunately, the year 2020 has ruined the habit of buying goods by physically being present in the shop. We are not allowing her to go out because of covid-19. It is also not good for elderly people at this moment. So I told my Mom that from this year you will slightly change your habit.

We will help you with best online shopping. She had no idea about Online Shopping and asked me how we can select products, price range, types of products, payment options, and return policy. What will happen if the product quality is not good or the design not attractive? I tried to explain each and every query of my mom. She wants to visit best and unique shops.

After all, these queries cleared by me and faced a critical question. Are you the owner of this shop? I asked her why you are asking me, Mom. She told me, you have explained in such a way that you seem to be the owner of one of the shops. I explained my Mom in a layman’s way, the way of your shopping style has been transformed into technology which is called online shopping. 


Where you can choose cotton, silk, linen, handlooms, whatever you like. Moreover, you can choose color as well. All possible colors are available. Suddenly she asked me what about the size? I told her that problem has also been solved. If you want to buy 40, 42, 44, or 46 size shirts for me and for my son, you can easily select it. “Wow”, mother uttered. That’s great!

Ok, I want to buy a good bed sheet, cotton, and the pillow cover should be matched.  I asked my mother how much you want to spend. She told price should less than 500 is it possible?  Let’s see Mom, what I can do for you. I told her that I’ve opened a new online shop associated with a world-famous company. The name of the shop is as you used to call me “Hatachara” if I did any wrong in my childhood.

My mother starts laughing. Ok, show me some bedcover or bed-sheet double and single size. Not only that you can also buy best gift items for me when I‘ll have a birthday or any occasion like “valentine’s Day for Him/Her”, “Father’s day”, ”House worming” etc. I have selected bestselling and unique items in my shop. You don’t need to spend much time for finding any gift for any occasion.

Ok, order can be placed but how I can pay them, Mom asked. That is a good question. I asked her how you want to pay them, through debit card, credit card, net banking etc. My mother is a pensioner having no such card but she can withdraw money from her account. She doesn’t have that facility. 

I asked her, can you pay cash when they deliver you all products. Yes, that is good, cash on delivery. After a few days, the delivery person delivered all items she ordered.  I told her to check the all the items and to let me know, in case of any disputes. She found one sharee with a black spot on it and wanted to return. She asked me about the return policy, I advised her not to place to replace the order because it is a puja festival and it will take a long time to get it replaced. Better you ask for returning the amount. Within 2-3 days they have returned the item and paid the amount back to my mom. I told her now you place a new order that will not take a long time. 

Most customers choose to order products with different options like to pay later after they have been delivered. 10-30 days are given to decide whether or not to keep the product. The ‘try before you buying ’or ‘ordering now, paying later’ option will only win territory in the future, especially the fashion items or apparels. It will be the future trend of online marketing.

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